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Physical Therapy for EveryBODY can help.


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At PT4EB, we listen to you and your body to help you heal completely. We do not have cookie cutter protocols to treat your low back pain, your neck pain, or your injury. We find the core issues, treat those issues with use of hands on techniques, and return you to full activity.

We are not focused on quick fixes that eliminate pain for short periods of time.

We are committed to finding what is causing your pain or stiffness, finding a long term solution that is customized for you, and fully returning you to the life you want to live.

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Patients are saying . . .

“Dr. Amy not only listens to you, she listens to your body, to help you heal completely.”


“Dr. Amy is amazing! I was unhappy with the cookie cutter program I received elsewhere. Hands on therapy is VITAL for people who are active and who want to stay VERY active.”


“When I leave Dr. Amy, I walk better.”


“Dr. Amy’s knowledge of the shoulder joint and it’s surrounding anatomy has been beyond helpful with my pain and range of motion. I’ve made tremendous strides on being able to use my shoulder correctly since going to see Dr. Amy.”


“When I’m driving I have more movement in my neck. When I am working I don’t get so bound up.”


“I applaud Amy for her extreme focus on patient improvement and customer focus.”


“Amy found the core issues and then worked to help me solve those issues and return me to full activity.”


“The day after my first session was eye-opening when I woke up pain free and clear headed.”


“She instinctively creates exercises that are robust enough to stabilize and strengthen my body, but gentle enough to avoid putting me back into chronic spasm and pain.”


Get back to the life you love.

If you're tired of pain or injury holding you back, Dr. Amy Konvalin can help! Using her expertise in hands on treatment and customized exercise, she partners with patients in Maple Valley, Covington and Black Diamond to help them find lasting relief from pain and dysfunction — while also offering tools for a stronger, healthier future.


Dr. Amy earned her PhD in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy and has 17 years experience in outpatient PT.


We utilize evidence-supported treatment methods and consistently stay up-to-date on emerging research.

Patient Preference

Your goals and values guide your treatment — we partner with you to make those goals a reality.

Patient Education

Our goal is to teach you life-long skills for pain-free living — to give you tools to be able to care for yourself.