Putting patients first

Traditional insurance-based physical therapy focuses on getting patients in and out as quickly as possible while performing the maximum number of treatments that insurance allows.

Rather than meeting with their Physical Therapist for each treatment, patients often see Physical Therapy Assistants, who are trained in a 2-year degree program, or Physical Therapy Aides/Techs, who are trained on-the-job. This can work well if a patient is progressing exactly as their Physical Therapist expected. But since PT Assistants and Aides/Techs can’t make changes to the prescribed treatment plan, many patients get “stuck” on a treatment plan that isn’t working until their next scheduled visit with their Physical Therapist.

The result? Wasted time, less effective treatment, and higher costs.

At Physical Therapy for EveryBODY, you’ll receive an hour of one-on-one treatment directly from a board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy (me). My extensive training and experience allows me to customize a plan based on your needs and preferences — and if treatment needs to be adjusted, I’m able to address it immediately.

The result? Optimum patient outcomes, more quickly, with fewer visits.

Another benefit? At PT4EB, you’re not paying for someone to watch you perform the same exercises that you do at home. Our treatment sessions focus on treatment. We begin with a review of how you responded to your last session and how your body is feeling today. I’ll use manual (hands-on) treatment to restore normal joint motion, decrease muscle tension, and retrain muscle coordination. At the end of your session, we’ll review and modify your home exercise program.

If you are looking for improved outcomes in a shorter amount of time, I recommend a model that focuses on the quality of care versus the quantity of patients seen.

Quality over quantity

Cash-Based Example

  • Cost per visit: $150
  • Number of visits: 4
  • Total cost: $600
  • Time spent with PT: 240
  • Cost per minute: $2.50

Traditional Insurance Example

  • Co-pay: $40
  • Number of visits: 12
  • Total cost: $480
  • 15 minutes with Assistant: 180
  • Cost per minute: $2.67