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Next Topic: Shoulder Pain

Does shoulder pain keep you from doing what you love?

Are you tired of taking pain medications or being told to “rest”?

Would you like to learn about what YOU can do to get moving again?

If you said “YES!” then join us for our next Movement and Posture Clinic.

This is a chance for you to come meet our specialists and ask any questions you have regarding your aches and pains.

Our team of specialists will give you their best tips and recommendations including teaching you how simple postural changes and other healthy choices can make all the difference for you.  We’ll also help you figure out the next best course of action for you to finally get rid of that pain, and back to doing the things you really love, once and for all.  And we help you figure it out without the need for pain pills, surgeries, or even more trips to the doctors’ office.

Our goal for every class is for you to walk away with valuable and expert information about what it takes to stay active, mobile, and out of the doctor’s office so you can live the life you love living.

If you want to come to the next class, click on the link below.


Reserve Your Seat NOW!

NEXT CLASS: THURSDAY, February 27th at 6:30 pm.

COST: FREE!!  But space is limited and you MUST reserve your spot.

WHO’S IT FOR:  Anyone who is tired of letting shoulder pain make the decision on what they can do on a daily basis.  Anyone who is tired of taking pain medication just to “get through” the day.  Anyone who is looking for a natural approach to getting back to doing the things they love doing.

TOPIC: Shoulder Pain

Not sure if this class is right for you?  Call our office and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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