I went to see Dr. Konvalin after dealing with low to mid back pain for over 6 weeks. My typical solution was to take ibuprofen and wait it out but after 6 weeks without being able to work out or run it was time to have it looked at. After her evaluation she came up with a treatment plan that quickly reduced the pain and gradually got me back to regular workouts. I’m now pain free and back to my regular mix of basketball, strength training, running – and or course yard work. I’ve been through physical therapy in the past for my lower back but I appreciate how she takes a more holistic approach and provided me with tools I can use to help stay active and mobile.

~Scott B


When her neck pain didn’t go away after a couple of

days, Marilyn knew that she needed to come to PT4EB.

My story begins more than a year ago.  I started feeling very overwhelmed & depressed, with much stress & anxiety.  I was diagnosed with low iron, magnesium & B vitamins, as well as Epstein Barr virus.  I also had severe shoulder pain, for which, I’m not exactly sure how that happened.  I reached out to the side one day, & that’s when I noticed the pain.

I started on many different supplements & iron infusions to address my health from a supplement standpoint.  I then started chiropractic & massage for my shoulder pain, as it was getting to the point that I couldn’t put on a bra without extreme pain.  This helped some, but the shoulder pain persisted.  I then started some Physical Therapy.  Again, my range of motion got a little better but the pain was still there & it still hurt considerable to put on my bra.  I then started acupuncture, this was good for overall health, but it didn’t feel like it did much for my shoulder.

Then I was introduced to Amy, with Physical Therapy 4 Every Body.  I’ve really liked coming to Amy because she pin points the exact area needing work, & really works on it.  I leave her feeling like my shoulder has received the attention it’s been needing.  She’s also addressed something going on in my hand, which surfaced while I’ve been with her, & the numbness in my finger has diminished.

I would highly encourage you to give Amy a chance to work with you & your issue.  I’ve been very happy I did, I just wish I would’ve gone to see her first, before spending so much time & money on all the other things I tried

So thankful for Amy & her attention to detail!

~Tracy P


Kenny is an accomplished yogi and beloved

teacher who reached out to PT4EB when his

wrist pain kept him from his practice.

Since I was a young child I had terrible posture. Everyone told me I should stand up straight and I remember thinking, “I don’t know how.” Then at 21 I fell on my right hip and for the past 20 years my back and hips have hurt.

What brought me to Physical Therapy for EveryBODY was a referral from a friend who has experienced a lot of physical therapists, and my primary care physician suggesting I try physical therapy to help with the chronic pain I was experiencing.

From the very first visit I knew I was in the right place. Amy asked about my specific symptoms and listened to what I actually said. My treatment has taken longer than either of us expected, but healing is happening. My body is like an every changing puzzle. As we began digging deeper into the initial pain, other parts of my body started speaking up again. Reminding me of pain from long ago that I had just ignored because I didn’t know what to do about it. Hidden pain has been found in really unique places, but I am not in chronic pain any longer thanks to Dr. Amy and her excellent hands on approach. I recommend her to anyone who will listen.

Being a patient of Physical Therapy for EveryBODY is one of those line in the sands kind of things. My life has been divided into two parts. There was my life before PT4EB with chronic pain and limited movement, and my life after PT4EB with the responsibility of listening to my body, stretching, and living a life of movement and pain free purpose.

If you are experiencing pain of any kind, I encourage you to call, text, or email Amy for a free consultation appointment. Movement is Life and your life should be free of pain and full of movement.

Suzy H


Jerry was frustrated that his low back was keeping him

from yard work.  He had tried multiple injections and other forms

of physical therapy before he found PT4EB.

Amy is amazing!  Not only was she able to help alleviate some back and hip pain for my daughter for dance, but I personally saw her to help me start up a gym routine.  It has been years since I worked out after losing 55 lbs with Diet and supplementation.  So wanted to get back some of my strength and she helped me start right from the basics.  Strengthening the core first and then moving on to bigger and better things!  SHE IS AMAZING!!  If you have an issue, she can find a solution!  And fast!

Audra A

Love this place! Amy is an amazing therapist and the place is really comfortable. I would definitely recommend this physical therapy clinic to anyone in need!

Ashley C

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