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Empowering people 40+ to live an active,healthy, and confident lifestyle free from surgery, costly procedures, and pain medication

If you are looking for Physical Therapy in Maple Valley, it is likely that you are suffering with pain or injury which is starting to cause problems.  This issue may even stop you from participating fully in your life.

You may have visited the doctor who told you to rest and take pain medication to manage your symptoms.  The pain medication may dull the worst of the symptoms but leaves you feeling dull and groggy.

As the pain progresses you realize that you are avoiding activities due to pain. Or worse, you start to believe that this is “normal” with aging.

Is that how you are feeling right now?

If so you are not alone.  In fact, every day at Physical Therapy for EveryBODY we help people just like you!

  • Are you done letting this problem may decisions in your life?
  • Are you looking for a holistic way to solve this problem – for good?
  • Do you need 3 days to recover after you do yard work?
  • Are you starting to feel like an invalid?
  • Is exercise impossible due to pain?
  • Are you tired of the doctor recommending pain medication and muscle relaxers that make you feel groggy?
  • Are you willing to do anything to avoid surgery?
  • Do you wish that someone would listen to your whole story and put the pieces of this puzzle together for you?

Then you have found the right place for you.  At Physical Therapy for EveryBODY we focus on treating people just like you!  We listen to your story and help you figure out the puzzle that is your pain or injury.  Everybody has a different journey. We partner with you to eliminate your pain and develop a plan to ensure that pain does not return.

What would your life look like in 3 months if you could get rid of this problem for you?

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