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After you have children it’s easy to think that it’s “normal” to have leakage when you run, jump, or cough.  Or you may think that having pain during intimacy is just the cost of giving birth. Even worse, you may think that pain with intimacy and leakage is just a normal part of the process after you have children.

  • Are you frustrated by having to plan your day around trips to the bathroom?
  • Are you dehydrated because you are afraid to drink water when you are not at home?
  • Do you feel older than your age because of a lack of ability to control you urine?
  • Are you scared that people will find out you wear pads due to leakage?
  • Are you tired of saying “not tonight honey”?
  • Is chronic pain wearing you down and no one has given you an answer or a plan?
  • Do you have pain in your butt when you sit which keeps you from enjoying time with friends and loved ones?
  • Has your doctor said the only way to fix your problem is surgery?  Are you scared of surgery because all of your friends surgeries for this same issue have failed?

Then you have found the right place for you.  At Physical Therapy for EveryBODY we focus on treating pelvic floor pain and dysfunction every day.  We listen to your story and help you figure out the puzzle that is your pelvic floor. Everybody has a different pain or dysfunction journey. We partner with you to eliminate your pain or dysfunction and develop a plan to ensure that it does not return.

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Yes, send me the free report!

Our goal at Physical Therapy for EveryBODY is to eliminate pelvic floor dysfunction in Maple Valley and get people back to the life they love living.  We believe movement is life and we want to help you get your movement and your life back.


We understand that many people are frustrated by the run around they get at normal offices.  They are looking to solve this problem NOW without pain medication or costly procedures That’s why we have created these two opportunities for you.  We save a limited number of spots each week so you can talk with a specialist on the phone to get your questions answered or come visit us in person to see if we are the right fit for your health needs.

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