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The Physical Therapy for everyBODY Journey?


Why Do We Have a 5-Step Journey?

This is to ensure that every person who walks through our doors receives the world class service they deserve. We want to give you the best possible chance to not only get out of pain but return fully to the activities you love.

The 5-Steps...


Get To Know You – When you have been injured or are in pain, you deserve a chance to be listened to and have your story heard. Nowadays, it can be difficult to get a doctor to spend more than 10 minutes with you (and they are more likely to prescribe pills or recommend surgery instead of figuring out the root of your problem). But, at PT4EB the first step in your journey with us is getting to know you.

  • Hear Your Story – We understand that every person who walks into our clinic is different with a unique history, body type, and goals. We will take the time to listen to you, your story, and fully understand what you’re going through – including frustrations you currently have. It is important in developing the plan to get you to your goals.
  • Understand Your Goals – You have specific goals of how you want your life to look after you recover from this injury. Only YOU know what true success looks like at the end of this process. We want to understand what success looks like on your terms to ensure that we are the best people to get you there.
  • Ensure Right Fit – When it comes to making critical decisions about your health and your body, we want to make sure that we are a good fit for each other before we commit to anything. We want to be clear about what we do and how we do it so you are empowered to make the best choice about your health care.
  • Decide Next Steps – You deserve to have an honest conversation about your health, your pain, or your injury before you book an appointment with us. Only then are you empowered to decide on continuing with an assessment.

Finding The Root – One of our favorite sayings is “It’s All Connected”. The biggest mistake so many people make is focusing on the “symptom” of the pain without taking time to fully assess the “root cause”. This is the single biggest reason why people suffer for longer than they should. We will fully evaluate the area that is bothering you but we also want to check the other areas that might be causing more strain, pressure, or inflammation. We need to evaluate your entire body and how it moves to create the best path moving forward.

  • Complete Evaluation Of How Your Body Moves – Every body moves differently to navigate this world. We will do a head to toe movement screen that will measure all of your body’s movements. This includes understanding “compensations” that are caused by “weak links” in the chain. Also, identifying areas of stiffness or tension within your body that are putting pressure on different areas of your body.
  • Determine Related Issues – Often times it is problems in other non-painful parts of your body that are likely to cause more pressure, strain, and inflammation to be building up elsewhere. Some examples of this might be tight hips that are pulling on your lower back causing inflammation to build up, a pinched nerve in your neck causing referred pain down your arm, or an old ankle injury that didn’t heal properly which could be causing your knee to compensate.
  • Unraveling Damaged Tissues – Old injuries, inflammation, or areas that aren’t moving correctly create stagnant areas in your body. These stagnant areas do not receive the nutrition they need to heal properly. Like layers of an onion we will peel back the damaged tissues to reveal what lies underneath. And, we will return movement to the area so the body is able to heal.
  • Individualized treatment plan – Once we have gathered all the information your body has to share we are then able to come up with a custom tailored treatment plan that is unique to you. You will not receive a cookie cutter treatment or a sheet of exercises based on a generic diagnosis. We will give your body specifically what it is asking for.

Fix It! We are “body mechanics” and we use our hands as one of our tools. Often called “manual therapy”, hands on treatment can help to loosen joints, release tight muscles and unlock stiff, achy areas. Chronic stiffness and injury can lead to scar tissue formation, inflammation, joint stiffness from poor posture, and lack of muscle flexibility. Manual therapy allows us to “fix” these problems so your body can move the way it was intended.

  • Hands On Treatment – Once we locate the stiff or achy parts of the body we can “fix” these parts of the body so they can move the way they should. These techniques include soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, cupping, deep tissue massage, manual stretching, and joint mobilization. While these techniques may sometimes cause a small bit of pain, and a bit of soreness, it usually comes in the form of “good pain” in that you know something positive is happening inside your body. Our patients often tell us “It hurts so good!”
  • Exercises Created Specifically For Your Body – There are no cookie cutter exercises here. We understand the importance of the “right exercises” performed with proper form to eliminate pain and injury down the line. The exercise programs are specifically catered to your needs.
  • Provide Education To Achieve Solutions – During your treatment we will provide you with education to improve your posture, your breathing, and your movement patterns. These tips will serve you for the long term as you are able to decrease stress to your body which gives it more energy to heal.
  • Review Goals And Fine Tune Plan – Your goals remain at the front of everything we do. As your body begins to heal we will fine tune the plan to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit out of each treatment session.

Restore Mind Body Connection – As your body starts healing, our Specialist Physical Therapists bring advanced knowledge of biomechanics, exercise physiology, kinesiology, and neuroscience into designing your program. The goal of exercising is not only to make you stronger but so you can feel confident and comfortable with your movement again.

  • Healthy Movement Habits – Teaching you movements that are relevant to YOUR needs and goals. You may want to get back to the gym without pain or simply be able to live your normal life and do house chores without issues. To ensure long term health for your body, we want to make sure that you are moving as efficiently as possible. This will help to decrease stress to your body as well as prevent further injuries.
  • Integrating Normal Motion Into Daily Life – We create a safe environment where you cannot get hurt. As your body starts to adapt to these new movement patterns we ensure that they are integrated into your daily life.
  • Ongoing Coaching And Education – We are with you every step of the way to continue to provide the advice and support to continue your journey towards achieving your goals. And, feel free to ask all of your questions. We love empowering people with knowledge about how to achieve their goals.
  • Overcome Fears – We will help you to overcome fears with exercise or movement so you can get back to moving normally. We won’t simply be “counting repetitions” when you exercise – and we certainly won’t be yelling at you. We will make sure that your body is ready to exercise and that you are doing the RIGHT exercise for you.

Polishing – After performing our head-to-toe assessment, fixing the pain with movement, and restoring you mind body connection through exercise we also want to make sure we have helped you achieve the goals you wanted in the first place! The last step is to make sure you have received the transformation you’ve been looking for.

  • Fine Tune Movements – As you are returning to the activities you love, we will put the finishing touches on your movement habits. Your feedback is critical as you go out and return to doing “all the things”. Any challenges you encounter are addressed in the clinic to ensure your full return to a completely pain free lifestyle.
  • Restore Your Confidence – As you begin to return to your normal active and healthy lifestyle you will feel your confidence soar. You never thought you could do this but here you are – doing it!
  • Return To Activities You Love – There is nothing better than being able to do the things “we used to do” before the pain or injury started. We have seen people return to playing tennis without back pain and limitation. We have helped people avoid neck surgery even when the doctor said that nothing else can be done. We have helped grandmothers with extreme foot pain walk pain free around Disney World with their grandchildren.
  • Schedule Tune-Ups As Needed – Just like your car needs regular maintenance, your body does as well. We will figure out the best plan to keep you on your path of living a pain free active, healthy, and confident lifestyle.

We promise that there will be NO quick fix, magic pill, or silver bullet to complex problems.

But what we DO promise is to use every single tool, resource, and ounce of knowledge we possess to make improvements in how you move and how you feel. So you achieve the outcome you are looking for.

We are NOT a clinic that uses machines or gives out sheets of exercises.

We ARE a clinic that specializes in doing everything and anything possible within our scope of practice to help people make significant transformation with their confidence, mobility, and quality of life. Without taking pills, having injections, or undergoing unnecessary surgery. Even if all other conservative options have failed.


Our Happiness Guarantee

Try us for 3 visits. If you are not completely happy with your experience at PT4EB we will refund your entire package.

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