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Are You A Washington Resident Stuck At Home Hurting… And Need Someone To Meet You Where You Are?


These Virtual Telehealth Physical Therapy Visits We Offer Are Helping 100’s of People In Washington Get Back On Track While In The Comfort of Their Home

  • Can Virtual Telehealth Visits with Physical Therapy for everyBODY Actually Help Me?
  • Is your pain or injury keeping you from living the life you love?
  • Are you tired of driving all over and parking for another appointment?
  • Are you tired at the end of the day and just want to be home?
  • Do you wish that someone would just do something for you? Meet you where you are?

If you’re interested in virtual physical therapy, you’re most likely here because you’re dealing with an injury, stiffness or an ache that doesn’t seem to be going away on its own.

It can be quite easy to think that it’s nothing, you just slept on it awkwardly, and it will go away on its own. There’s no obvious reason why it happens but it just won’t go away!

Or that the stiffness you are experiencing is something you must live with because you are aging…and that is just what happens when you get older. Maybe you have done nothing at all to hurt yourself (that you can recall)…but it just isn’t getting any better.

If any of these describes you, we want you to know that you are not alone. In fact, we hear this type of thing in our physical therapy clinic in Maple Valley from people all over Washington.

We work with hundreds of active adults with our virtual telehealth physical therapy services who have also tried numerous other treatments before working with us. And when it comes to ending pain and staying active, everyone we see wants to know:

  • What makes you different from any other physical therapy clinic I’ve tried before?

What Makes us Different?


Reason #1: We specialize

Unlike other medical providers, we deliberately specialize in Telehealth PT visits and have been doing these for MANY years in the conservative management of orthopedic, sport, and spine injuries. This means you’ll be seeing an EXPERT rather than a generalist.


Reason #2: We customize your treatments

The second reason why you should choose us is because everyone gets a different treatment. This means no two people are the same, so they shouldn’t receive the same exercises or treatments.


Reason #3: We fix the root cause and not just your symptoms

  • Is it a stiff muscle? A stiff joint?
  • Are you wearing the wrong shoes? 
  • Are you doing the wrong exercises?
  • Where should your time and energy be focused for maximum relief?
  • How should you be doing certain exercises or manual techniques to help yourself lessen the pain?

These are just some of the common things that we’ll provide clarity on when we help you so you never have to deal with your pain again. Unlike other medical providers, we’ll fix the cause of your injury and not just you symptoms…from the comfort of your own home or office but still getting better!

How can Choosing Virtual Telehealth Physical Therapy with one of our Specialists at Physical Therapy for everyBODY Get Rid of Your Pain… in the Next Few Days?

Here’s just a few of the things our Physical Therapy Team can do for you:

  • We will thoroughly assess the situation you are in – often inside 20 minutes and determine the best plan of attack.
  • Pain can “suck” you of energy and limit a good night’s sleep, we can help you enjoy sleeping once again and have more energy each day.
  • We will ensure that your problem is addressed and “corrected” so you can heal properly.
  • Then we will provide you with the perfect set of exercises, stretches, and/or teach manual techniques you can do at home that will speed up your recovery.
  • We can help you put an end to needing to take extra painkillers that are no good for your health in the long-term.
  • We can help you avoid a dangerous surgery or injections that may not be necessary to help you heal.
  • We can help you keep out of doctor’s office, away from hospitals, or from making repeat visits only to be given more pills.

Here are some questions people frequently have about our virtual session: 

How does a Virtual Telealth Session work when you can’t physically see me?

We CAN see you! We will use an encrypted format (not Zoom – no Zoom bombers) to get on a video call so we can see each other. Since we can see you, we can assess how you are moving and guide you through the movements so we can determine what is going on and what needs to be done to help you.

How is a virtual visit different than an in-person visit?

There is no difference other than we are not physically in the same room! We will ask you a series of questions to learn more about what’s going on with you. We will listen to your story so we gain a deep understanding of what is going on with your body. We will watch you move and ask you where it hurts. From there we will give you an explanation of your problem and outline specific steps to get you to your goals.

How can a virtual telehealth session help with Back Pain?

If your back pain has come on suddenly or you have suffered for years and have “tried everything” we can help you.

Back pain can be frustrating and many people lose hope that it can never be “fixed”. That’s where working with a specialist is different. We specialize in helping people just like you!

How can a virtual telehealth session help with knee pain?

If you are being slowed down by knee pain or are worrying over increased pain, swelling, stiffness, or catching in your knees we can help you. If you want a natural solution to finally fix your knee situation or to not have to depend on painkillers, injections, braces or needing surgery then you are just the person we love to help!

How can a virtual telehealth session help with neck pain?

Neck pain can be debilitating whether it is a nagging ache, stiffness, limited motion, fatigue or if it has started bringing on headahces or numbness or tingling in your arms. We help people all the time who are struggling with neck pain, limited mobility, difficulty sleeping, and being as active as they want.

How can a virtual session help me with urinary difficulty or pelvic pain?

Many people struggle with difficulty controlling their urine during daily activities, with exercise, or when running. As experts we look at you as a whole person and are able to identify exactly what is contributing to cause your issue or pain – and fix it for good!

I don’t have any workout equipment at home. Can I still use Virtual Telehealth services?

Absolutely! No equipment is needed. Based on the resources you have available and the demands of your schedule we will construct a personal program that is best for you and one that you WILL be able to do on your own.

What technology do I need to know how to use for my virtual sessions?

We take care of everything and only use the best specialized secure software and systems. If you have a phone, tablet, or computer with internet access we can get you connected. We will set up a time to walk you through the tech side of the process before your appointment so you feel 100% confident accessing the call.

How can I make sure the session is a success?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in but aren’t too loose. No pajamas, please.

Make sure you have room to move around in and that there’s plenty of light. Also, make sure you have a comfortable surface to lie on which may include a yoga mat or carpet.

Show up ready to expect an amazing experience and get the help you want!

Will I be recorded?

No. We are happy to send you video exercises or a follow up E-mail with instructions as needed.

Your journey to start fixing and finding freedom from aches, nagging pain and worry over your health and ability to be active can start today from the comfort of your own home.

There’s no need to take hours out of your day to get ready and travel to see a specialist

Virtual telehealth visits give you the ease, convenience and comfort of getting the care you need from the place you are most comfortable – your home.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Physical Therapy for everyBODY and Telehealth Physical Therapy…



Maple Valley, WA

I was just miserable. I could barely walk. I'm a kindergarten teacher and I was still working. I still have no idea how, but getting from one place to another, I was so slow. I could barely move. I couldn't get down on the floor with the kids. I couldn't kneel, I couldn't sit on the floor. Now I'm walking two miles a day...



Auburn, WA

I was scheduled for surgery and I started doing some research online as I was bedridden because I was in so much pain. I found this article that said don't do surgery, whatever you do, just try this first and I was so excited about it and then I found in small print, maple Valley, Washington, and that's why I am here now!



Black Diamond, WA

I had CT scans, other kinds of scans, went to the back doctor, went to chiropractors, went to other physical therapists and I couldn't get anything to heal. And I couldn't get answers to why this continued to happen to me where I just couldn't sit down. I couldn't lift. I couldn't vacuum. I just couldn't function...

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